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2007. 5. 19 - 6. 26

헤이리에 위치한 갤러리 소소의 개관전으로 정승운 작가의 개인전이 열린다. 이번 전시는 2002년부터 시작한 '집숲꿈' 작업의 연장선에 있다. '집숲꿈' 연작의 기본 전개는 '집', '숲', '꿈' 한글의 형태를 그대로 차용하고 변형하여 기하학적인 형태의 그림/오브제를 이루고, 이것들을 다시 중첩시켜 다상적(多像的)인 하나의 형상을 만들었다. 그러나 '원경_집꿈숲'에서는 집, 꿈, 숲 글자를 조합-나열-위치시키는 기호적 의미로 표현했던 이전 작업과는 달리 공간(장소, 영역)과의 밀접한 관계를 통해 조망하는 시각을 제시한다. 다양한 이행의 과정을 통해 인간의 삶을 반영하는 관념적 공간소(空間素)로 집꿈숲이 전환되는 것이다. 갤러리 소소의 건축적 공간에서 체험하고 읽어낸 공간의 순환적 논리를 ‘거리(距離)’의 개념으로 접근하여, 기호의 인식체계인 집, 꿈, 숲을 수직-수평으로 연결시키는 과정이 작업의 형태를 결정한다. 이 형태에는 기억에 기생하는 ‘꿈’ 은 기호적 형상이 사라진 채, 집과 숲의 사이 공간에 의미소로만 남게 된다. 결과적으로 대상(작품)을 보는 이의 관점에 따라 집과 숲, 그리고 꿈은 우리에게 과연 무엇인가라는 사유의 폭과 방향이 다양하게 작품에 투영될 것이다.

갤러리 소소

Solo Exhibition 19th May - 26th. June 

Galley Soso which opened in May, 2007, introduces art works by Chung, Seung-un. This exhibition is extension from the exhibition ‘Jip, soop, kkum’ - 'house, forest, dream' in Korean - in 2002. The basic rule is borrowing and changing the form of Korean alphabet Jip, soop, kkum’ and making the geometrical shape (objet). Through these steps, he makes one multi meaning form. This exhibition suggests the view which shows relation between space and space (domain) rather than last exhibition which matched the shape of words to meaning of the words; 'house, forest, dream'. The artist walked around the gallery inside and outside to express concretely his idea. Gallery soso which consists of wood-cypress- makes people meet unique exhibitions than other galleries which commonly look like white cube. The space of SoSo, which is located on the small hill like a building in forest, is not that big and so open to. Those things in the building make artist inspired for his work like connecting forest and house again as what he has been doing through his works. Chung, Seung-un’s work which is a painting like sculpture and sculpture like painting, connects inside to outside. He makes artworks through highly emotion and accuracy like an architect builds the architectures. And also, he closes to his works with the attitude as touching, thinking and enjoying. This exhibition; Distant view_ ‘jip, kkum, soop’, lets people look at inside of artist who experienced and read the circular logic of the space (the building) as he were touching, thinking and enjoying. And finally, artist; Chung, Seung-un, makes various ways of work through approaching to concept of distance. In the various works, the form of word ‘kkum’; it is dream in English, disappears and just remains on the meaning that is between jip and soop; house and forest. Consequently People could look at and think the meanings that are different from themselves about what are jip,kkum, and soop; house, dream and forest, through the exhibition.

Gallery SoSo

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